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Determination of the Grazing Capacity in Southeastern Zimbabwe Using Satellite Images

Project Description

The forests in southern Africa are the largest dry forests worldwide. A permanent pressure of utilization by all countries sharing these forests leads to an increasing exploitation and degradation. The study area in Zimbabwe is an example representing a variety of land use forms as well as the climatic change within the Miombo forests. Livestock pasture is one of the dominant land use forms, carried out intensively especially in the areas of small scale farming. It is therefore a major determinant for the forest degradation.

High resolution remote sensing systems are used to quantify vegetation parameters additionally to mapping and monitoring the study area. The objective of this project is to adjust remote sensing techniques already used in different climatic regions to the conditions of the Miombo forests. These techniques will possibly provide an instrument for an extensive, large scaled monitoring of ecological parameters as well as for planning sustainable pasture land use.

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