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Research Group of Climatology - Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi

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Research Group of Climatology - Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi
Research Group of Climatology - Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi
Research Group of Climatology - Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi
Research Group of Climatology - Prof. Dr. Cyrus Samimi

Welcome to the Research Group of Climatology

Our goal is to understand and quantify climatological and eco-climatological patterns and processes. The foci of our research is on analyzing climatic, eco-climatological, and environmental patterns, their interdependencies, and their change on a regional and local scale. Regions of interest are sub-Saharan Africa, High Asia and Central Europe.

We assess processes and causes using remote sensing, including intensive ground truthing, multivariate statistics, machine learning and predictive mapping. Of special interest is the quantification of eco-climatological parameters, often used as the basis for resource assessment. Hence, resource use and the human impact on patterns and changes is also a core interest of our work.

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