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Klimawandel und Klimaanpassung im LK Forchheim

Project Description

Climate change is influencing drought and late frost events. Both have a strong impact on vegetation and agricultural productivity. Together with the Department of Geography at the University of Erlangen we are cooperating with the EU-Project STRENCH in the district Forchheim. To assess weather impacts we installed weather stations and dendrometers near the villages of Oberzaunsbach and Unterzaunsbach, and the Wildpark Hundshaupten. The direct combination of measured climate parameters and measured reactions of fruit trees allows the assessment of weather impacts in orchards.

Data of the weather station in the Wildpark Hundshaupten can be accessed here ...more

Data of the weather station in the village of Oberzaunsbach can be accessed here ...more

A comparison between Hundshaupten Oberzaunsbach is here ...more

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