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Schumacher, Paul; Mislimshoeva, Bunafsha; Brenning, Alexander; Zandler, Harald; Brandt, Martin; Samimi, Cyrus; Koellner, Thomas
Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Estimation in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region?
in Remote Sensing vol. 8 (2016) issue 7
doi:10.3390/rs8070540 ...

Romankiewicz, Clemens; Doevenspeck, Martin; Brandt, Martin; Samimi, Cyrus
Adaptation as by-product : Migration and environmental change in Nguith, Senegal
in Die Erde vol. 147 (2016) issue 2. - pp. 95-108
doi:10.12854/erde-147-7 ...

Nabavi, Seyed Omid; Haimberger, Leopold; Samimi, Cyrus
Climatology of dust distribution over West Asia from homogenized remote sensing data
in Aeolian Research vol. 21 (2016) . - pp. 93-107
doi:10.1016/j.aeolia.2016.04.002 ...

Eklund, Lina; Romankiewicz, Clemens; Brandt, Martin; Doevenspeck, Martin; Samimi, Cyrus
Data and methods in the environment-migration nexus : a scale perspective
in Die Erde vol. 147 (2016) issue 2. - pp. 139-152
doi:10.12854/erde-147-10 ...

Vanselow, Kim André; Samimi, Cyrus; Breckle, Siegmar-W.
Preserving a Comprehensive Vegetation Knowledge Base : An Evaluation of Four Historical Soviet Vegetation Maps of the Western Pamirs (Tajikistan)
in PLoS One vol. 11 (2016) issue 2. - pp. e0148930
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0148930 ...

Zandler, Harald; Mislimshoeva, Bunafsha; Samimi, Cyrus
Scenarios of Solar Energy Use on the “Roof of the World” : Potentials and Environmental Benefits
in Mountain Research and Development vol. 36 (2016) issue 3. - pp. 256-266
doi:10.1659/MRD-JOURNAL-D-15-00077.1 ...

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