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Selected Presentations/Posters


  • Zandler, H.: Resource Use in the Tajic Pamirs as a Predestined Topic for Interdisciplinary Research Cooperation. German Congress for Geography in Kiel (Germany), September 25-30, 2019.
  • Haag, I.: Ecological and Climate Change in the Pamirs - A Interdisciplinary and Methodological Chellange. German Congress for Geography in Kiel (Germany), September 25-30, 2019.
  • Samimi, C.: Climate and Environmental Change - Facts and Fake News. XX Doctoral School Factory of Ideas. Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), August 26 - September 6, 2019.
  • Samimi, C.: Der Pamir Zentralasiens – Gesellschaft-Umwelt-Beziehungen in einem ariden Hochgebirge. Heidelberger Geographische Gesellschaft. Heidelberg (Germany), May 7. Invited talk.


  • Haag, I.: Large-scale climate change meets Pamiri villages. Looking at climatic change in Central Asia through different spatial and methodological lenses. International Symposium on Water and Land Resources in Central Asia. Almaty (Kazakhstan), October 9-11. Talk.
  • Samimi, C.: Opportunities and Challenges of Remote Sensing and Modelling for Ecological Studies. University of Bayreuth International Research Alumni Conference 2018, Examples from Sub-Saharan Africa. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)/Kisumu (Kenya), September 27-30. Talk.
  • Samimi, C.: Der Pamir Zentralasiens – Gesellschaft-Umwelt-Beziehungen in einem ariden Hochgebirge. Geographische Gesellschaft Trier. Trier (Germany), June 21. Invited talk.
  • Samimi, C.: Anticipation and Response to Climatic and Environmental Change by Local Communities - An Introduction. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. New Orleans (USA), April 10-14. Talk.
  • Haag, I.: Raumzeitliche Veränderung von Temperatur und Niederschlag in Zentralasien. AK Hochgebirge. Innsbruck (Austria), February 2-3. Talk.
  • Mayr, M.: Trockenzeitliche Fernerkundung – Feuer und Vegetation der Savannen Namibias. Geographisches Kolloquium. Erlangen (Germany), January 24. Invited talk.


  • Samimi, C.: Inter-(Trans-)disziplinäre Forschung im Kontext Gesellschaft-Umwelt-Beziehungen - Beispiele aus dem Sahel Westafrikas und Zentralasien. Geographisches Kolloquium. Bonn (Germany), November 29. Invited talk.
  • Reinhardt, K.: Interpolation und erste Befunde zur Mustererkennung von Winddaten in Zentralasien. AK Klima. Marburg (Germany), October 27-29. Talk.
  • Mayr, M.: Die räumliche Modellierung ausgewählter Feuerregimeparameter in Namibia. Deutscher Kongress für Geographie. Tübingen (Germany), September 29 - October 4. Talk.
  • Mayr, M.: Vegetationserfassung mittels Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): Bestandshöhen und Störungseinflüsse in einer namibischen Savanne. AK Biogeographie. Erlangen (Germany), May 12-14. Talk.
  • Samimi, C.: Renewable energy and energy consumption in the Eastern Pamirs. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Boston (USA), April 5-9. Talk.


  • Samimi, C.: Botswana und Namibia. Musterländer im südlichen Afrika? Frankfurter Geographische Gesellschaft. Frankfurt (Germany), November 23. Invited talk.
  • Mayr, M.: From toys to tools: assessing vegetation structural parameters and potential disturbance impacts using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). 8th BayCEER Workshop. Bayreuth (Germany), October 13. Talk.


  • Samimi, C.: Desertification vs. Greening: Opportunities and Limitations of Remote Sensing for Ecological Studies. SGAS Conference: Participatory and Integrative Approaches in Researching African Environments – Opportunities, Challenges, Actualities in Natural and Social Sciences. Bern (Switzerland),  October 23. Keynote.
  • Samimi, C.: Der Sahel Westafrikas. Von der Desertifikation zum Greening? Innsbrucker Geographische Gesellschaft. Innsbruck (Austria), June 6. Invited talk.
  • Samimi, C.: Degradation and greening – two sides of the same coin. International Conference: The presence and future of energy resources in the framework of sustainable development in the Eastern Pamirs. Dushanbe (Tajikistan), May 29-30. Keynote.

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