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Date News
03.12.2018 Belmot Forum Workshop/AGU 2018
15.11.2018 Award best master thesis for MSc. Florian Lang
31.10.2018 New publication in Aeolian Research
30.10.2018 Talk by I. Haag at the International Symposium on Water and Land Resources in Central Asia
15.10.2018 Cluster of Excellence African Multiple
15.10.2018 New Publication in an edited book (Russian Academy of Sciences)
14.10.2018 New staff
31.08.2018 New project MiSKOR
11.06.2018 Talk by C.Samimi at the Geographische Gesellschaft Trier
27.05.2018 Senior Fellow Prof. K.-A. Kassam (Cornell University)
27.05.2018 Mrs. Löbl retirement
27.05.2018 Workshop Belmont-Forum Project ECCAP
16.04.2018 New publication in Ecological Indicators
25.02.2018 Sessions on climate change and local communities at the AAG in New Orleans, April 10, 2018
16.02.2018 New publication in Human Ecology
12.02.2018 Defense S.O. Nabavi
29.01.2018 New publication in Climate Dynamics
28.01.2018 New publication in Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories
21.01.2018 Talk by I. Haag/C. Samimi at the annual meeting of the High Mountain Specialty Group
10.01.2018 Report about ECCAP project on the homepage of Cornell University

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