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Date News
10.11.2016 I. Haag and K. Reinhardt presented a poster at the Climatology Specialty Group Anual Meeting (Bad Dürkheim, Germany)
15.09.2016 M. Mayr presented a poster at the 3rd EARSeL Workshop on Forestry in Krakow (Poland)
12.09.2016 MSc I. Haag: New research assistant
07.06.2016 National Geographic published an article about our project "Ecological Calendars and Climate Adaptation in the Pamirs"
01.06.2016 New Publication: Climatology of dust distribution over West Asia from homogenized remote sensing data
01.04.2016 New Publication: Scenarios of Solar Energy Use on the “Roof of the World”: Potentials and Environmental Benefits
30.03.2016 New Publication: Data and methods in the environment-migration nexus: a scale perspective
30.03.2016 New Publication: Adaptation as by-product: migration and environmental change in Nguith, Senegal
16.02.2016 New Publication: Preserving a Comprehensive Vegetation Knowledge Base – An Evaluation of Four Historical Soviet Vegetation Maps of the Western Pamirs (Tajikistan)

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